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Buying weed has become a sensation and people all over the world are searching for this keyword. Although deemed illegal weed has had many positive remarks and up votes around the world with many people and politicians pushing for the  legalization of this plant also called marijuana.

Buying weed online is not as easy at it sounds, there are many online stores who claim you can buy weed online from their shops and it gets delivered without it being intercepted by the custom authorities.

Buying weed online started on the dark web and was not found on the the main web. At first to buy weed online from the dark net you need to browse using an onion browser which you can use to access the dark web ( Tor browser) and secondly you needed Bitcoins, its the only form of payment being used on the dark web and thirdly you need  Onion link which you can get from Wikileaks to get to the website on the dark net,where you will meet a vendor who will ship you the product. This method is still being used today by many dealers.

Due to the rise of social media and google there are millions of websites currently present on the open web who now sell drugs online, many of this sites do not deliver what they promised. Out of all the sites 30% percent are sites which deliver fake or very low quality products, 40% are Scammers who are there just to rip people of their money, you pay them and they will never deliver any product because they don’t have them at all.

And only 30% are actual real companies Such as Cookies Carts, Topweedshop247, Cookies THC and many other dispensaries.

Where to buy weed online?

Order weed online only from one of the sites mentioned above or visit Weed maps and you will find actual dispensaries in there who deliver marijuana products.

Topweedshop247 has different varieties of cannabis products on its online Shop, we deliver marijuana through out different countries across europe, North America  Australia and South America discreetly. We have a 99.9% chance you receiving your product safely with utmost anonymity.

Order weed online from us we can assure you and so will our customers that all our products are of the utmost best quality out there and that’s the reason some of our prices can be a little high than most other shops, but with us you won’t only get your product delivered safely and discreetly you will have the experience of smoking quality weed.

Top marijuana information sites?

These are various sites where you can buy and get information on marijuana online.

  1. Topweedshop247
  2. Leafly
  3. Hightimes
  4. Norml
  5. The Weed Blog
  6. The Stoners Cook Book
  7. Herb
  8. Highdeas